What We Do

Support Restoration Society, Inc.

Friendship Foundation, Inc. assists Restoration Society, Inc. (RSI) by raising funds, by sponsoring customers and staff in educational and advocacy opportunities as well as events, and by providing properties at nominal cost for agency use.  The agency operates rehabilitation programs serving adults diagnosed with severe behavioral health conditions and young adults with substance use conditions.  A peer run agency, RSI offers holistic, person-centered, individualized services premised upon customer self-determination and self-direction.


Friendship Foundation, Inc. raises funds for the benefit of Restoration Society, Inc. through the sponsorship of events, the solicitation of donations, and the investment of funds.  RSI customers are guests of the Foundation at all events.


Friendship Foundation, Inc. funds Restoration Society, Inc. customer educational activities through the John Karrer Endowment and offers information and education about behavioral health, behavioral health conditions and substance use conditions through presentations at service organizations, clubs, schools and other groups.

To arrange for a presentation, contact:

Jack Guastaferro


Friendship Foundation, Inc. acquires needed resources such as real property, equipment, etc. to address unmet agency needs and assure that RSI minimizes overhead costs and maximizes revenues for the provision of direct services.


Friendship Foundation, Inc. advocates for adults diagnosed with severe behavioral health conditions and young adults dealing with substance use conditions through participation in advocacy events; and by providing advice and feedback to county, state and federal officials, legislators, individual citizens and community groups.

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